THE COMPLETE MAHLER SYMPHONIES Orchestre de Paris & Christoph Eschenbach

In connection with the two Mahler anniversary years 2010 and 2011, offers a unique free streaming video experience of the nine symphonies by Gustav Mahler (1860–1911). Each symphony was recorded with the Orchestre de Paris under the direction of Christoph Eschenbach and filmed by director François Goetghebeur.

As an added bonus, this page includes a video interview with Christoph Eschenbach, who speaks about his relationship with the music of
Gustav Mahler (courtesy of Universal Edition).

Symphony No. 1

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 10.–11.10.2007
Duration: 57’44


Symphony No. 2

Simona Šaturová, soprano
Mihoko Fujimura, contralto
Chœur de l'Orchestre de Paris

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 13.–14.9.2006
Duration: 94’15


Symphony No. 3

Mihoko Fujimura, mezzo-soprano
Maîtrise de Paris
Chœur de l'Orchestre de Paris

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 16.–17.9.2009
Duration: 110’11


Symphony No. 4

Christine Schäfer, soprano

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 8.–9.4.2009
Duration: 64’36


Symphony No. 5

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 4.–5.3.2009
Duration: 78’13


Symphony No. 6

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 31.1.–1.2.2007
Duration: 90’02


Symphony No. 7

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 7.–8.10.2009
Duration: 90’45


Symphony No. 8
"Symphony of a Thousand"

Marina Mescheriakova, soprano - Magna Peccatrix
Erin Wall, soprano - Una poenitentium
Marisol Montalvo, soprano - Mater gloriosa
Nora Gubisch, contralto - Mulier Samaritana
Annette Jahns, contralto - Maria Aegyptiaca
Nikolai Schukoff, tenor - Doctor Marianus
Franco Pomponi, baritone - Pater ecstaticus
Stephen Milling, bass - Pater profundus
Maîtrise d'Assemblée
Maîtrise de Radio France
London Symphony Chorus
Wiener Singverein
Chœur de l'Orchestre de Paris

Recording: Paris, Palais Omnisports Bercy, 6.3.2008
Duration: 89’05


Symphony No. 9

Recording: Paris, Salle Pleyel, 18.–19.2.2009
Duration: 96’18


Christoph Eschenbach
on Gustav Mahler

Interview held by Wolfgang Schaufler
and reproduced by kind permission of
© 2009 Universal Edition AG – Gustav Mahler Blog

Recording: Schwarzenberg (Austria), 26.6.2009
Duration: 12’06

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